Patients Honor Caregiver with Circle of Care Gift

Cheryl Anderson recognized for her exceptional care

Circle of Care honoree Cheryl Anderson (top, second left) with her coworkers from the West Lobby Lab

September 29, 2017 – We would like to congratulate Circle of Care honoree, Cheryl Anderson. The Foundation received a gift in honor of Cheryl for her exceptional services and knowledge as a CMH caregiver in the West Lobby Lab. A husband and wife, long time patients of CMH, stated that they wanted to designate a gift to the employee Friendship Fund in honor of Cheryl “for her professional, friendly and expert technique in the lab. She is the first person in our lives who has accomplished many blood draws without leaving bruises. She is a ray of sunshine!” On behalf of everyone at CMH, we would once again like to congratulate and thank Cheryl for all that she does at CMH and for being a ray of sunshine for our patients.

For more information about the Circle of Care or questions about making your gift, please contact the Foundation at 503-325-3208.

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