Local Family’s Effort to Erase Financial Burdens for others in the Community

Arm-in-Arm Against Cancer

Since the CMH-OHSU Knight Cancer Collaborative opened its doors last year, we’ve already seen many more patients than expected. Each of whom has a story; many of which touch on the financial burdens that make the cancer care journey even more challenging.

Dr. Bill Armington with his mother, Mary Armington, at the grand opening of the CMH-OHSU Knight Cancer Collaborative.

Treatment is so important, but being unable to fund things like transportation, child care, household bills, and medical costs not covered by insurance can make getting treatment almost impossible. The costs associated with treatment can create financial and emotional stress that is overwhelming. Many patients aren’t able to cover basic needs like food and shelter and they don’t know where to turn.

Beyond traditional caregiving

The Armington Family decided to do something about that. To commemorate the cancer treatment facilities now available, the family has created a financial resource for patients struggling financially.

“Cancer touches nearly every family. The Arm-in-Arm Fund is a practical way people can help those in our community in the midst of their cancer battle by providing funds for important items such as power bills and medication,” Dr. Bill Armington said.

Mary Armington, Dr. Armington’s mother, led the family effort. She was compelled to help cancer patients who may be unable to work while they undergo treatment and who struggle to pay for items not covered by their insurance. The Arm-in-Arm Fund reaches beyond traditional caregiving by helping patients cover gas, utility, medication, transportation and other expenses during a financially challenging time.

Inspired by the Armington family, the CMH Auxiliary donated $10,000 to the fund, and the Friends of the Column Board matched every $5 contribution throughout the month of October, ultimately providing an additional $5,000 to support those needing financial assistance.

We all know someone

Willis Van Dusen, Friends of the Astoria Column Board Member, said, “Everyone on The Column Board wanted to make sure our friends and neighbors have some help during treatment for cancer. We all know someone who has needed some help. It’s our privilege to join with the Armingtons to make sure there are resources available.”

The Armington family’s quiet assistance for those experiencing difficult times emotionally, physically and financially is truly inspiring and everyone is deeply grateful for those who have contributed to help ease the most difficult challenge for the most vulnerable patients.

Help us help others:

Call 503-325-3208 or visit us at cmh-foundation.org to make a donation to the Arm-in-Arm Fund.

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