Cardiology Provider and Manager Honored with Circle of Care Gifts

Dr. Gary Greenberg and Leslie Claterbos recognized for their exceptional care and services

Circle of Care honorees Dr. Gary Greenberg (center, left) and Leslie Claterbos (center, right) joined by staff members of the Cardiology Clinic

October 3, 2017 – We would like to congratulate Circle of Care honorees, Dr. Gary Greenberg and Leslie Claterbos.

The Foundation received a gift in honor of Dr. Greenberg on behalf of one of his patients for his exceptional care. The patient’s wife sent in a note thanking Dr. Greenberg and stated, “We are so happy to have Dr. Greenberg in our lives. My husband feels so good ever since he started seeing him.”

Another gift was received in honor of Cardiology Manager, Leslie Claterbos for her unfailing helpfulness, on behalf of a husband and wife who are both patients of the CMH-OHSU Cardiology Clinic. The couple stated, “Leslie is eager to assist patients like us with information and expedites care when needed. Her presence is personal and meaningful, and she does it with a positive and helpful attitude.”

On behalf of everyone at CMH, we would once again like to congratulate and thank Dr. Greenberg and Leslie for all that they do at CMH.

Click on the link to learn more about Cardiology provider, Dr. Gary Greenberg:

For more information about the Circle of Care or questions about making your gift, please contact the Foundation at 503-325-3208.


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