Cancer Center Story

At Columbia Memorial Hospital we know people continually change and medicine continually advances to meet their needs. That’s why we never stop growing. We never stop encouraging innovation. We never stop asking “why not?” And we never stop striving to be better. So, while there is much to be proud of, there is still much to do. We believe the next most important step is an innovative cancer treatment center designed to provide state-of-the-art care for cancer patients that focuses on convenience, timeliness, compassion and friendship.

We believe that treatment must embrace the whole person—not just the body. The time has come to extend that belief to some of our most vulnerable patients—those facing cancer. Our legacy requires it. Our compassion demands it.

To that end, Columbia Memorial Hospital and Oregon Health Sciences University are expanding their successful partnership to include providing advanced cancer care on the Pacific Coast. This partnership makes possible the most up-to-date medical and radiation treatments available. Under the leadership of Dr. Jennifer Lycette, OHSU and Columbia Memorial Hospital are focusing on placing patients and medical experts at the heart of the care provided. Thus the Center is being designed with two specific goals: support highly advanced treatment in an environment that embraces the patient and family members. The new 18,000 square foot Center will be bring together medical, radiation therapy and stereotactic radiosurgery—the most advanced treatments currently available. Through the addition of radiation therapy, physicians will be able to determine the exact position of a tumor with incredible precision—at the moment of treatment. This will also allow the physician to treat very small lesions and tumors while avoiding or minimizing any damage to healthy tissue. For patients, this means reduced treatment times and side effects.

Further, all critical supportive services will be available to patients including an onsite pharmacy, a laboratory, massage therapy, nutritional and dietary services and educational resources second to none.

The free-standing center will not be a sterile environment where your body is treated as somehow separate from your mind and spirit.

Your team will include radiologists, pathologists, surgical, radiation, and medical oncologists working side-by-side with counselors, nurses, navigators, nutritionists, massage therapists, and countless others dedicated to YOU. All in a setting as superb as your caregivers.

It’s a difference you will feel the moment you enter. You’ll immediately sense that this place is for you and your family. This place is about peace of mind. This is a place where every detail has been carefully considered to ensure comfort, compassion and exceptional care in an atmosphere that clearly states you are not alone.

Without question, the cancer treatment center at Columbia Memorial Hospital will become one of our region’s most treasured assets. To achieve that level of quality and care innovation requires partnership.

Changing times and changing challenges mean that we can achieve this vision, but only through a connection of hearts and minds intent on a shared purpose and vision.

Shrinking reimbursements, increasing technology and labor costs (along with our commitment to provide care to all those in need regardless of ability to pay) have created unprecedented financial pressure on the Hospital’s income. This difficult environment creates a critical role for philanthropy to provide the extra funding needed to assure excellence and innovation are possible.

Indeed, our greatest innovations in care have triumphed because of donors who share our sacred promise and reach beyond the immediate to insure that our mission advances through each center of medicine created to meet the needs of our friends and neighbors who depend on us for care.

“It is through our partners that we are able to innovate to meet the needs of our community. We are honored every day by the sacred trust placed in us and we are inspired every day to do all that we can to live up to that trust by providing the best care medicine has to offer. Thank you for considering joining us through philanthropy in our continuing pursuit of excellence.” Erik Thorsen, President & CEO
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