Why Giving Matters

Why Philanthropy is Important at CMH

Your Philanthropic Partnership

Throughout the last century, Columbia Memorial Hospital has relied on community support to help fund excellence in healthcare.  From the very first hospital to the move to the Exchange Street campus, donors have made the difference by making progress possible.

Not-for-profit hospitals rely on philanthropic partnerships to be able to offer the health services and programs that meet immediate human needs.  Offering the best care to patients is our commitment to the thousands of individuals who trust us every year with their lives.

CMH is well managed, which is a significant achievement for any hospital but especially for one that holds the rare status of being an independent, locally controlled provider.  This is an even greater achievement when you consider that to free up $1.00 for use in replacing equipment, maintaining facilities and retaining highly skilled staff, the Hospital has to earn $12.50.  In other words, to purchase a $2,000,000 piece of equipment, or fund a program for one year, the Hospital has to generate $25,000,000 in revenue to be able save $2,000,000.

So, when philanthropic partners join in carrying out the mission, Columbia Memorial Hospital is able to achieve a standard of care that would otherwise not be possible.  Our sincere and humble thanks to all those who step in and up to support your hospital—it makes all the difference to everyone who counts on Columbia Memorial for care!

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