Mission / Vision / Values


The CMH Foundation Board of Directors develops resources that assure excellence in healthcare and access for those who trust Columbia Memorial Hospital to care for them.


CMH Foundation inspires life-changing philanthropy that grants the gift of life’s greatest treasure—good health.


Guiding Principles

  • We serve donors’ values and aspirations through helping them realize their dreams.
  • We build relationships through authenticity and cultivate everyone’s potential to make the extraordinary and meaningful philanthropic investments that change lives.
  • We honor donors by working with them optimistically and respectfully by approaching each as an individual worthy of the integrity and honesty we expect from others.
  • We encourage and foster an organizational and community culture of philanthropy, one in which physicians, board members, volunteers, caregivers and donors understand and can articulate the importance of philanthropy at CMH.
  • We are open to possibilities that will positively impact the destiny of Columbia Memorial Hospital.
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